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Installing new cab corners without pulling the box off?

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I know the cab cannot be removed.....Can the corners be welded on without removing the box/bed? I know the rear box/bed comes off, my question is, can it be done without removal?



Yeah I'm sure it can be. But if you remove the bed then you will beable to re do the frame as well. And sorry for reading your post wrong.



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no worries. I'll have to ask the guy helping me with the welding if he thinks he can get in there with the welder without screwing up things around it. I suppose if need be, I could take it off. (I have plenty of time to let the bolts soak in PB blast) I was just hoping not to have to do that yet. I will eventually do the rear of the frame as well. :D


IF anyone sees this and has done their cab corners without removing the box, please chime in!!!

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Where are you getting corners,

and how much do you 'need' to replace?



Here's my cab corner thread:



You could try doing it without removing the bed:



But, unless you are a bodywork ninja (I am not),

plan on more work, and a worse result.


You'd also have to choose between exposed welds,

or try to blend bondo with almost no room to work.




I cheated a little, and hid my vertical welds between the cab & bed (no blending needed),

and most of the horizontal weld behind the side vent trim:



so no bondo (a few inches of ground down weld doesn't bother me):



I always try to give myself as much room as possible when doing something like this.


Good luck!

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I saw your build thread and wanted thread:




Your cab corners don't look that bad:


I'd start cutting, before I decided if the bed has to come off or not.


You'll know soon enough.



Did you pick out rockers yet?


Every aftermarket rocker I have seen has been crap,

nothing like the factory ones,


Factory NOS Rocker:


Though it seems like the remaining stock of those got crushed a few years back during one of the Chrysler mergers. :(


I replaced my XJ rockers with aftermarket crap,

they did not taper in depth from front to back like factory,

and they didn't have the little bend to go behind the fender in front.



if anyone has seen GOOD aftermarket MJ rockers,

feel free to :thwak: :thwak: :thwak: me,

as long as you post a link + picture.


If all you get is crap aftermarket rockers,

you might be better off piecing them in, leaving as much 'good' original rocker in place as possible.

Same with the cab corners,

maybe someone with a sheet metal brake can remake the bad section for you.



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I have good cab corners coming from a guy in Oregon. I'm in touch with Z&M jeeps who is said to have good rocker panels. (I'll report what I find) As far as the cab corners, only the last 8 inches or so toward the ground need replaced, so really its only the pinch seam flange I'm worried about being able to get between the cab and box with the welder. I have an industrial welder helping me out, and will consult him before I cut anything out.


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