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Truck Bogs and Dies when starting....?

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Hey all, been a while since I was last on here. :eek: Got another problem to add to my already current problems list. This one being the most important one at the moment.




Here's what the problem is.


*Leave at 6:30 this morning to friend's house to pick him up and go to work, a 10 mile drive and then another 15 mile drive to work.


*Start the truck up normally like I always do, (87/2WD/2.5/TBI) and the truck has the usual morning bogness and I give it some gas after it wakes up to get everything going. Get to friend's house without a problem


*I'm inside his house for no more than 15 minutes, I come back and start the truck up to leave, the truck tries to crank over (very slowly I might add), and then bogs and dies. Crank it again, this time it doesn't even try to turn over like the first time. The third time, it starts. I figure I left the lights on or the battery didn't get charged enough on the drive over. :dunno:


*SO... I go to work, and on the way, even make a stop at a local Walmart for 20 mins and come out to the truck; it starts completely fine. I get to my boss's house, and we work til about 6:30 this evening. I go to start my truck and the same problem this morning occurs; the truck tries to crank over, and fails for 3 attempts. I get it running and my boss checks my battery with a voltmeter type gauge thing and it reads correctly (14/15ish) (as does my gauge inside the truck) My boss believed it to be a possibly dying battery or an alternator problem. :smart:


*I drive for about 30 minutes to my friend's house and then to Advance Auto to get a battery, just for $#!&'s and giggles; mainly to see if it WAS a battery problem, $105 later I have a new battery in the truck. I try and start it, but it bogs and dies AGAIN. I even give it some gas and surprisingly it starts the first crank :redX: :redX:


Needless to say, I got my old battery and my 105 back, even checked the alternator and starter and neither were the culprit. The only electrical work I've done is replace battery terminals and wire in tag lights, neither of which caused any problem when they were done.



Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on here? My only guess is it's related somehow to my fuel going into the Throttle Body or possibly the engine? :dunno:

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Okay, so after a little investigating, I figured out that it has to do with my fuel lines. Either the Fuel Pump is going out (very doubtful, seeing as how it's functioning as it should and it has been since I've had the truck) or the other possibiltiy my boss suggested to me today, which is the Fuel Filter.


Quite coincidental that my boss's truck had the same thing that happened to mine, happen today to his.... and his problems are coming from a faulty sending unit he just replaced a little less than a year ago. :eek: :hmm: Ah well. Anybody have any suggestions on this?

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Not sure if anyone cares really about this thread. :shake:


Irregardless, I'll update this thread 'til the problem is resolved. Hopefully, it'll help someone out one day.


Gave everything a lot of thought these last 2 days, and I overlooked a very.... simple, yet... well, there really isn't an excuse for it. I realized that if it were my fuel pump/filter going out, the problem wouldn't be with trying to start the truck. That falls onto the overlooked Distributor Cap and Rotor button that look like they've been on there for about a decade. :oops:


So, with that being said, I got everything I need for a tune up. D-Cap, R-button, S-plug wires, and a new fuel filter (because I doubt mine's been changed hardly in the last 24 years) Will update after tinkering with it this weekend, seeing as how that's really my only days off anymore... :fs1:

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