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Wiper delay

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1. Purchase and install a new multifunction switch w. delay inside the column. (hardest part)

2. Procure and install the delay module at the bottom of the column inline with the harness. (easy)

3. Purchase and install a new column stalk w. delay. (easy)

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To put intermittent wipers on my 87, I just did the following:


1- Purchased from local guy parting out his XJ a column/wheel that already had intermittent wipers on the stalk... and came with an ignition key. $40

2- Purchased from local salvage yard the delay module and another wiper relay. $2

3- Removed old steering column (a bit challenging if you haven't done one before, like me prior to this)

4- Installed new steering column (pretty straightforward once you see how to get the old one out- reverse of disassembly)

5- Installed the delay module and switched wiper relay (super easy)

6- Test to make sure everything worked, which it did

7- Put everything else peripheral back together to get to old steering column in first place

8- Put old steering column in trash

9- Put away tools and wash hands



Time spent by rookie installing steering column: about 2 hours

Total spent: $42


... and I didn't have to go through the hassle of taking off the steering wheel and messing around inside the column.


Sorry, no pics of this procedure from me.

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