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Hard Times - 2 MJs, 1 ZJ for sale

Comanche County

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Just got hit with something rough. Like the Ryan Bingham song "Hard Times" says, "everybody's got em if ya look around". Hate to get personal but, I have a disabled daughter with arthrogryposis who broke her knee last month. She had a pediatric knee specialist in Jacksonville, FL do the surgery and the bills will be in bound soon. On top of that, I found out yesterday there's a looming foreclosure on "my" house. Legally mine but its the Ex's, and she hasn't paid it up even though I've paid her on time every time.


So I am thinking of liquidating the herd to avoid foreclosure. If you're interested let me know by PM. I will ship if you arrange it.


The MJ I affectionately call "Chicken Man". $2,000

See: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=30882&p=308787&hilit=chicken+man#p308787



Next, my 1998 5.9 Grand Cherokee Limited. Its fairly fast and has a killer sound system that makes near symphony quality sound or will rattle your teeth out if you wish. It has 188K, a K&N FIPK, Flowmaster muffler, gets 17 mpg on the highway, runs great but does throw a 1494 code. Awesome A/C. The head unit is a Kenwood Excelon 994, Two 6.5" Kicker component sets, two Kicker 12" subs, 1000w. I priced this system installed at several places and was quoted between 2,800-3,500. I just installed it myself with all quality components and wires, cost over 2K. $4,000 OBO

Its the one towing the other...



I want the other two to sell first because I haven't convinced myself to sell Big Red but I will if I have to. If I sell it, I'd prefer it go to someone here. Hell if I know what its worth. I know I've put well over 10K in it. PM me if you're interested and we'll work a price. Would come with two sets of 35s, Dick Cepek Fun Country IIs and Maxxis Creepy Crawlers, both at 90% tread. Dynatrac HP 44, Rear MJ D44, 4.56s, ARBs, 9.5 Warn Winch, 4:1 NP241J TC, steering brace, Rock Krawler Triple Threat 3/4 link, Extra MJ main spring for a 5 leaf pack, ACOS, Motion Progressive Rate Coils, JCR sliders and bumpers, High lift Jack, Cobra CB with blue tooth, 4pt interior cage, 2x Kicker 10s, Kicker 5" in the doors, still needs a new head unit, WJ Booster and MC, and other stuff....the build is called "Deep in the Heart of Comanche County".


Only thing it needs is some offset ball joints to correct camber. Also for piece of mind, I'd get someone with a 220 welder to put a couple of beads on the sliders. Everything works well, it will do just about anything you want it to.







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Hate to see you have to sell any of the fleet esp the 5 niner and Big red that thing is sexy Ill have to read your build thread.Ive always said Id own a 98 some day and build it for the wife wish that day was here.Anyway I normally hate the guys that post in the classifieds not intrested in buyin but felt the need to say something hang in there man it will all workout someway some how good luck.

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I'm picking up a rebuilt AX15 for Big Red tomorrow, once it goes in I can't foresee a major mechanical issue for it, everything except for the engine has been gone through and its not going to blow anytime soon, it runs perfect. I don't need to sell at this time but if someone is interested I'll talk to them about it.....


I already have my next build in mind and parts waiting....an old school drivetrain MJ with a fresh Renix 4.0, an IH T19 with a 6.32:1 1st gear and front PTO winch, an O'brian's or similar 4.68:1 D18, full floating front and rear pass drop D44s, rear would be a tapered 44 upgraded to 30 spline diff, Front D44 from a Wagonner, Saturn Overdrive and rear PTO with a buzz saw pulley. I could be dreamin but as everyone is building massive rock crawlers, I think the idea of a "Universal" MJ with attachments for any sort of implement would be absolutely killer. Think, you cut down an acre of Redwoods, then mount your three point hitch on the back of the MJ and plow that same acre and plant whatever, then haul your several metric tonnes of fire wood, winch down a couple more redwood trees then cut those suckers up with your MJ driven Buzz Saw, then smile and wave at the tree sitting hippies harassing you. All in a day's work with your Universal MJ. :yes: I've got the rear pass D44 which I could get a full floater kit from Herm, and the TC, I just need the rest of the components, and the MJ.....like I said, I may be dreamin. :thumbsup:

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Nice Jeeps!


I have a deep slate 98' 5.9L like yours with 8" long arm and 35" BFG MTs one of the best Jeeps ever made and 4x4 truck of the year easily in 98' as well as the fastest SUV for a decade after it was made.


Did you/do you have 2 of them? I see 2 in the pic, the one being towed with a Laredo chrome grill tho. :wavey:



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