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Ballistic Fab all but dead..another bracket option?

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Not sure on the brackets but on Ballistic Fab. I ordered their joints earlier this year (6 total for my 3-link setup) and did not have an issue. I called up though, not sure if ordering on the website is a different guy or gets lost in the infinite black hole of the interwebs but I had a good experience with them. I even caught them right before KoH and still got them within a week and a half (ordered beginning/mid of one week and got them the following weeks Friday but it's going cross country for me). I have heard a lot of bad things about their service but I'm just putting my experience in here.

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i know i seen some some place while looking for LCA mounts, but they didnt look as good as the ballistic ones, and think they were 2x the price.

ive kinda been following the ballistic saga, and it seems if you call you get what you ordered, but internet orders have been sucking. if you do order don't expect much for customer service and be prepaired for some trouble. if it all goes smooth then great.


I myself would like to pick up a set but will wait to see what happends in the long run. i have been burnt before (Crawl) so will wait to see if they rebound.


i know Rustys has a set for $200, but not sure if they have the LCA mounts on them. if anything give Dan a call from RuffStuff (916.600.1945) and see if he has something like it. hes a good guy and will bend over backwords to help some one out :clapping:

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