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clutch problems

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i left work the other day and within 2 miles i had no pedel and could not get it back into gear once i pulled it out. i found the master cylinder empty and also there was no visable signs of a leak. i fill the mc back up and pumped the pedal several times and got the pedle back and was able to get it home with out any problems. the next morning i was unable to get it into gear but the mc was full. i have not got a chance to try and bleed it out. also i have trouble getting it into reverse it grinds sometimes when i start out in the morning, i have to go from 1st then back to R to get it in gear.

i have been looking for new clutch kits and have found lots of MFG'S out there. anyone have any recomendations on a new one. this truck is mostly a daily drive and only off road once or twice a year.

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thats good stuff to know but i don't think i will be going to the yard for this upgrade. I'm working by my self plus if the first one lasted 24 years and 78000 miles. I'm sure ill be dead before this one gose out.

saterday i will get to try out my new tool. i bought a trans adapter for the floor jack. it looks like it should work ok but i will nedd to get the truck a little higher in order to get it out from under. everythink came in today i will be replaceing the clutch assy , rear main seal and the pan gasket.

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