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OEM Rollbar Light switch?


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Just thinking out loud here so don't jump me to hard if you hear a grinding noise and smell smoke. I don't think you would want the fog and driving lights tied in together. Overload the switch and or relay. If you want driving lights, having the fog lights on would help. If you need fog lights, having driving lights on would blind you, the glare bouncing back from the fog. I think driving lights should have their own circuit independent of fog lights. Tying them into the headlight circuit? I can think of pros and cons of doing it that way. There is no mention of driving lights in the 'Bible' the FSM up to '89. maybe the '90's might. My recently acquired OEM sport bar, as the bible refers to them, not 'roll bar' has tabs for driving lights. Don't know what year it's from so maybe it's a '90's. Surely some body out there knows, besides 'The Shadow'. :dunno: :hmm:

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