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"Treehugger" DD

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Well, I wasn't going to start a thread for this truck, but oh well. Guess it's what happens when you hang around here on CC too much.



Picked this truck up a week ago. 89 4.0l 2wd with a pukegoat and d35. Bought it for $500 off a really nice chick that had it for the last 4? years. She bought it in BC and drove out to Manitoba, then made the same trip a couple times to go treeplanting. So I figured I'd call this one Treehugger.


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Pulled the carpet up to inspect the damage. Driver side was a little worse than I thought, but luckily the pass side was solid with only some surface rust. Waaay better than my other truck was.


Spent some time this week on the floor. Realizing I had no sheetmetal, and there was no way I was buying a floorpan for this thing, I chopped up the hood on the J10. Metal was thick enough, and this way a piece of it can live on in another Jeep before I send it to the crusher!



Pretty much got the floor done. Still a bit of welding left before I seal it all up.


The front end is all slopped out, so I'm just going to bolt in the d30 left over from my 91 XJ. Hopefully I'll come across a cheap ax15/231 some time in the future before the pukegoat craps out. (although the thing shifts pretty awesome right now!)


Going to swap the front end next week and put my new windshield in and it'll be on the road! At least now I have a comanche to drive until my other truck is done.

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Yeah, I knew that old J10 hadn't served it's full purpose yet. A buddy wants the 360 for his Javelin, so after that I don't feel too bad putting it down.


The floor was actually done in 2 pieces, rear and front. Here's a shot of the rear piece before I started welding it in. For a truck I was going to do a ghetto floor repair on, it actually came out pretty good I think!


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Well, time to bring this back up. This truck has been my beater for the last year. Drive it every day to work, and it's made a lot of trips to the dump. My other Comanche (Mr. Boobs II) has been shelved while I've been collecting parts for it, but at least driving this one every day keeps my wanting to get back at it. I'll update that one one in a few weeks when I have some stuff sorted out with it.


Anyway, here's some stuff I've done, mainly just to keep it on the road.


-all the ball joints and wheels bearings were shot on the truck. The d30 from the 86 was all good, so I swapped that in.

-both front springs were broken. Again I robbed the 86 for those, and made some spacers to get the front up a bit.

-the 3.07 ratio sucked, so back to the 86 to steal it's d35 (4.10's). Much better now.

-took some bfg A/T's off a parts waggy I bought, threw those on with my Canyons.

-ditched the load sensing valve. Ran new lines to the back and swapped in a 91 XJ prop valve. WAAAYY better.


So now it seems I'm a trans and some drivshafts away from this thing being 4wd. I have an AX-15 I was going to put in it, but I've found a new home for that. Now looking for a 4wd ba10 tailhousing to convert my trans (check classifieds, I put a wanted ad up!!!)


I'll try and upload some pics this weekend. That's all you guys want anyway!

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Here's the coil spacers I made. Gutted some old honda wheel bearings, cut out some plate and welded it on. Powercoated them up (nevermind the green....it was one color I hadn't tried yet and needed something to test it on). Super easy to make and free! Been on for half a year, no rattles. The springs were from a 4cyl 4x4, and the spacers got the height just right.



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