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XJ wiring harness in MJ

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I have a 2.5l and AX4 in a 1989 MJ and I want to swap in a 1990 4.0l and a 93ish AX15.


I found a good deal on an 89 4.0l 5spd harness from a CC member but its from a 1989 XJ.


What am I looking at as far as swapping it into the MJ, I figure it will need spliced into the MJ harness for the rear lights and fuel pump but is there anything else I may run into?


I just want to make sure that I will be able to make it work before I get it.

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There's the writeup i used when attaching the 93xj harness to the 88mj harness in the manche. After it was done everything seemed to work fine. On the XJ harness there's also a good sized ground wire that runs to the back behind the drivers tail light. I used it to add an additional ground inside the cab since the ground behind taillights always seems to act up.

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