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Does anyone know what I should read on the D2-9 terminal of the diagnostic connector on an 88 2.5L? I am trying to figure out why I have no spark. This terminal is on the output of the ECU "timing" output. I have no spark off of the coil, and no signal to the two pins on the coil. I am running out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated. All grounds have been checked, the CPS has been changed and is in spec. My next move is to buy and replace the ECU.

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Does anybody have a power flow diagram for the rendix system here ? sorry i have at work ...system relay can fail and do this -simple fix, off road light 4 pin relay -put one in the glove box ! the ignition module has one yellow wire which get hot both at start and run mode -this goes to the ignition switch ....this is off the brain side i maybe wrong ....one wire goes the flywheel and other to ecu ...I hope this helps

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