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Rear shackles

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Ok, I've exhausted my search and I can't find a nice replacement pair of stock height rear shackles for my Comanche. I see that JKS makes them but they say "Cherokee/Comanche". I don't think they are the same if I remember.


So who makes them and why are they or arent they the same?

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Comanche leaf springs need more travel in the shackle than the short Cherokee one can provide. I have tried Cherokee shackles once and under full droop the shackle is stretched so far forwards that when weight comes back on the suspension the shackle tried to flip up in the forward position,


With a limiting strap they could work.


Longer aftermarket Cherokee shackles (like the boomerang ones) should work.

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The problem is that the MJ shackles from the factory are longer. XJ shackles physically bolt upto the MJ; however the advertised length of lift will not be the same. Take aprox 3/4-1" off. For example if it's advertised as 1.5" of lift on an XJ you'll get aprox 1/2 - 3/4" of lift on a MJ.


If your looking for an aftermarket "stock" height shackle for your MJ I'd recommend going with the JKS boomerang shackle (OGS651). Super beefy, greasable, and will offer no-very minor lift on your MJ.

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