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ax15 fitment question?

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will an ax15 4wd from a 91 wrangler with a 4.0 fit into a 88 MJ that has a 4.0? i found one on craigslist for $150 and i need a new tranny. the only thing they said was wrong is made some noise in 5th.


I know that the transmission mount is slightly different but not sure where to get one that would fit. i also know that my current transfer case will not fit.. but i was wanting to get a 242 (that has full time 4wd right?)


right now i have a very leaky BA/10 4wd with a busted throw out bearing..

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You will need to grab a cross member, transmission mount and trans mount to trans bracket from a Comanche with the AX15 originally in it. The AX15 is about an inch taller so the cross member has a drop to compensate for that. You might be able to get away with adding a small transfer case drop to compensate for it but you still still need the trans mount to trans bracket.


For the transfer case...Your NP231 won't fit due to the 21 spline input (all AX15 equipped vehicles with the NP231 and NP242 have 23 spline inputs on the transfer case). You will also run into another issue where the transfer case is clocked differently on the Wrangler than the Cherokee (the 6 holes for the transfer case are in a slightly different spot raising the drivers side of the transfer case up higher). I have heard of people not having issues with this and have heard of others having to bang the floor up some to clear the transfer case.


Make sure the AX15 has the bell housing on it as I believe the BA10/5 will not transfer over. Making noise going into 5th means the syncros are going bad in that gear, you might be better off looking for one that is in better condition if you have the time or atleast talking him down in price. I'm not sure around you but I see AX15's around me going for $200-$300 for good working order ones, sometimes a bit lower if someone is looking to unload it.

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thanks for all the info, unfortunately that was the only ax15 i found with in 200 miles (one way) of where I live.. My mec. says i should stick with the BA/10.. the cost for repairs is going to be about $400 (parts and labor) getting all the shaft seals replaced in the tranny and transfer case, new clutch plate, throw out bearing, and replace the master clutch cylinder. I already have the master cylinder and tried to replace that and was unable to remove the flare nut :fs1: so i am getting the mec. to do that or me.

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nearest ax15 searching car-part.com for 1991 XJ M.T.5speed 4x4 from 36541 is 50miles away @ $250.. What would i need to get from that XJ for my 88 MJ?


some other prices are from 250 to 800 dollars


I keep getting told that someone is buying all the jeep parts from my local JYs...


on a side note... not driving the MJ to work would save me about $500 a year on gas...

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