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Transmission Q's

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Alright guys some more tranny questions...


My 904 has died and I really want to upgrade to an aw4. I would love to also put in a 4.0 but funds don't allow at this point.


I have a 86 2.8l 4x4 LWB with an np207


From my research it seems I could mate a aw4 to my 2.8


Is that true?


I found an AW4 for an 87 4cyl 4x4 with bellhousing in a junkyard

What else will I need? TCU, what else?


Also will my transfercase mate up alright? What about drive shafts?



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The 2.5 and 2.8 have the same bellhousing bolt pattern so i think you could get it bolted togeather. But the AW4 is computer controled and no one makes a stand alone computer for it. I'm guessing the 2.8 never came mated to the AW4 from the factory? if the carborated 2.5 was available with the AW4 i would think you could use the computer from that but i don't think that was ever an option.

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