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4.0l swap question

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I have an 89 MJ 2.5l AX4 231 and a 90 XJ 4.0l AW4,242


As some of you know my wife customized the XJ by flipping it on the freeway.


The XJ still runs and drives great so I have been thinking of replacing my 2.5L with the 4.0l from the XJ,but I'm not sure on the wiring harness. Should I get a 5spd harness from an XJ or MJ or should I just use the stuff from the XJ?,I'm not sure since its an AW4


And before someone points out that the 4.0l won't fit my trans, I was converting the MJ to an AX15 so I have a 93 XJ AX15 to use for the swap.

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That's what I thought.


how about the ECU? I've been told the auto computer has more agressive mapping,if it is as good or better then the 5spd ECU I would like to use it since I recently replaced it.

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