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MJ >> S-10 leaf question(s)

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So I went looking at the yard today for some S-10 leafs to lift the rear of my MJ a bit. The trucks I looked at only have 3 leafs, is that right??

The main spring looked much beefier than the others and one just looks like an overload.




1. Does this kind of add-a-leaf make the ride ALOT stiffer or does increased spring rate make up for that?


2. How much lift an I expect with an S-10 main at #2 position in the MJ pack?


3. Who sells the little teflon/plastic pads that go between the leaves or is that just a regular auto parts part?


4. ??

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have you installed the shackles yet? my guess is that they either are 2" longer than stock, or that they would have lifted an XJ (which has shorter stock shackles) 2". longer shackles only give half their added length in lift. i.e. shackles 2" longer than stock MJ units will give 1" of lift. So to give 2" of lift, they would need to be 4" longer than stock and if memory serves me right, that would be a shackle over 9" long.


what condition are your leafs in?


If you can get some main leafs from an S-10 for cheap, you might as well just try it all and see what happens. might work out fine. :dunno:

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