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Went to look at a Comanche Chief today


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And I DIDN'T buy it! :fs2:


Pictures of it made it look pretty clean, and the owner said there was NO rust underneath. However I found the paint to be beaten up, as well as several sizable dents on the exterior. And underneath the floor pans were pretty gone. :fs1: Also the passengers side hinges were separating and the drivers were cracked.


It had all the goodies, full skid package, "COMANCHE CHIEF" stripes and lettering, D44, shortbed, had a rebuilt trans (unfortunately BA/10), etc. But I definitely couldn't fork over $1700 for it. I offered the guy $1100, he wouldn't haggle any more (talked him down from $2000 over the phone).


Anyway I was very excited to go look at this truck today, but now I'm just :(

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Sure sounds a lot better than the $700 truck in Independence. Had that guy send me pictures. Rough and beat, rusted and crusted, with no back window. Thought about going over with $400 to try and buy it, but decided against it due to time and space constraints. I can't even keep up with my two Jeeps.

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