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another one in the drive way

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well guys i brought another one home yesterday. after the one i have been following in ebay didnt happen, friday night i was searchin the web for a truck. I found a decent 89 short bed 4x4 for 800 bucks. 4.0, aw4,supposedly 140,000 but the speedo cable broke,rebulit tranny last year. i called the guy on it at 9 o'clock then left the next mornin at 5 o'clock with a trailer and drove to pennsylvania to pick it up. got it for 700. it does need an exhaust manifold and a frnt drive shaft but i already have both of those. pulled the rear end out today and began the SOA project. id post pics if i had a camera.


o yeah if any one wants an 89 xj for free, let me know soon. its goin to the jy on tuesday. its pretty much usless except for the axles and the 2 frnt doors which have some rot. the frnt axle is a non disco 30 and the rear is a d35.

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