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Couple Questions for the Manche

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Though I'm far from new to the jeep game, i am new to my manche (or should i say its new to me) After many xj's my wish came true...


I Picked up a rust free 89 swb 4.0 ax15 4x4 in MD for $1500.00!!!


Well i will talk about my plans later but now to the point



It currently has a SOA in the rear, My ebrake cables need replacing and they arent quite long enough anyhow, What mods have you seen or done to solve this problem? maybe use LWB cables?



My front brakes are very "Grabby" i barely have to touch the pedal and it comes to a hault FAST! The rotors seem new, pads are about 1/2 life, calipers LOOK ok. I adjusted up the rear shoes and they are fine. Is there some sort of valve or anything that could be causing this or any others have a similar problem?



My clutch pedal assembly is worn out, i can push the pedal down a full 1.5 inches before it starts to pull the rod. it has alot of side to side slop also, anyone rebuilt them? write up? thoughts?


Thanks for any input

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? 1- Great link for the e-brake bracket, that helps alot. I wonder if a longer front cable would make that mod even easier???


? 2- I'm not sure if it has a Proportioning sensor or not, How can i determine that? where wold it be and what does it look like?


? 3- That would be easier, would it bolt right up? maybe ill wait for that because I'm looking for a 97+ xj donor for a full interior swap anyhow.

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#1: i don't think the front cable form a LWB is longer. Just the rear cables are longer. depending on how much lift you have? it might help to use new rear cables from a LWB MJ


#2: DIY: Adjustable MJ Load Sensing Valve= http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=17968

related post for removal=http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=22773&hilit=rear+Proportioning+sensor


#3: :yes: XJ clutch pedal assembly will bolt right up. :brows: & good luck with the search for the 97+ XJ donor jamminz.gif

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Thanks for all the input.


1... Maybe Napa can tell me if the cables are longer, there pretty good about that kinda stuff here in my town.


2... None of that load sensing crap is in there anymore, someone must have torn it out already, they ran a new line up to the front, ill have to see where it goes to when i have it at the shop with me. i wonder if they didnt run any proportioning valve and if thats my problem.


3... I will check on that bushing kit, otherwise ill grab a pedal assembly,



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The two rear ebrake cables (from rear wheel to turnbuckle bracket) are the same length for both LWB and SWB MJs. The front ebrake cable (from turnbuckle to foot pedal) is longer on the LWB than the SWB. If you used the LWB front cable on a SWB you would have to move the turnbuckle bracket assembly toward the rear, and I don't think there's enough room to do that.

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