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Need help knowing if any of theses will work on my 86 MJ

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In the first post there is not a single complete axle assembly listed just various components.


In the second the front end is disassembled and does not show axle shafts (that I saw anyway) in addition to the front being a pass. drop, meaning you would need to get a new transfer case for your rig to match that.


Making front D44's work in an MJ is not the easiest of tasks. I don't know if a swap of this nature would be in my comfort level if my tech knowledge led me to consider either of those ads as potential parts for an MJ swap with the exception of the Scout rear. Even then Scout axles, like the popular Explorer 8.8 swap, are actually about 3" narrower than XJ axles (I am going from memory here) and may require aftermarket rims ( the bolt pattern is different than an MJ anyway) with less backspacing or wheel spacers/adapters just like the 8.8.


Although much wider, the ideal donor set seems to be from a leaf-sprung Ford from the '70's. An f250 would also get you a D60 rear. They go for $400 + a set around here. The radius arm/coil spring F150 axles also work but require more modification to the front axle itself to remove/replace the suspension componentry or a modification to the MJ to use the radius arm suspension. Either way the set should be late enough that it has factory disc brakes, IIRC.

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TJ Rubi is bolt-in, JK not so much.


There is debate over whether putting chromo axles and good u-joints in a HP D30 isn't better bang for the buck strength-wise than a stock low-pinion Rubi D44 as the Rubi which is rumored to be a hybrid with D30 outer shafts/bearings.etc..... Not sure that the Rubi 44 has the thicker axle tubes of some other versions, such as Wide-track FSJ's or 3/4 ton vesions, either.

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The first question should be what size tires you plan on running? The Dana 30 up front will hold up to a 33" fine in stock form. I was running 36" tires with wheel adapters and only managed to break the axle with doing stupid stuff.


The rear can be swapping to a Ford 8.8 or 29 spline Chrysler 8.25. Both would need the perches welded on (the 8.25 needs the perches moved in).


So what needs to be addressed first before looking at 3/4 and one ton axles is what size tires, what do you plan on doing with the Jeep (rock/mud/trail) and what is your driving style?

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