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i just changed my exhaust. i routed it out the side. the one before this mess was totally rotted out. so i mixed and matched until i could figure out what i wanted.


into cat 21/4, cat outlet 2 1/2 to muffler( 2 1/2),the rest of exhaust 2 1/4. the cat was on the mj as well as a couple lengths of exhaust pipe, i just put the rest on. also the cat was cleaned out.


no cat on the new exhaust. its 2 1/4 throughout.


the difference is amazing. more power and it runs smoother. dave


so, staying 2 1/4 all the way works bettER.

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i stayed 2.25 throughout as well but kept my cat. think it runs great. mine looks just like yours but with the turn down right after the muffler. no extra pipe. ive thought of gutting the cat or putting a straight pipe in its place but I'm thinking it was put there for a reason, right....

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i want to put a slider from the leaf spring hanger , under the pipe, than 90 degrees to the frame. so

i am thinking about making the end of the exhaust more on a flat plane. but i like the looks of it now.


sounds bitchin

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