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A little story....


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True story.


An old man drove his 92 Cherokee into my dealership service dept yesterday after his heater control valve busted to see if we could get him put back together enough to be able to drive home. I should mention its a 50,000 original miles original owner Cherokee that looks like it was driven through a swamp and then pushed down a mountain... covered in tree sap, leaves and dirt, and beat all to heck. Anyways, as the service writer drove it in, all you could hear was the water pump screaming. The writer just bypassed the control valve and filled it with water to get the guy back on the road, and told him that he wouldnt mind buying it if he wanted to sell. The old man declined, and went on down the road. Evidently, while he was driving home yesterday, the Jeep caught fire. The old man saw the smoke and just kept driving. Other people also saw the smoke and called the fire dept. The firemen caught up to him while driving and followed him home right into his driveway, and proceeded to pull him out of the Jeep and try to put the fire out. I have no idea how bad it was on fire when he stopped, but after looking at it today, it had to have sit longer on fire than how this story was told to me, because the whole dashboard is gone, and the whole engine compartment is burned up. Anyways the old man called up the writer who helped him yesterday, told him what happened, and told him if he still wanted the Jeep to come get it for free. So he takes off at lunch with a couple other guys, and a borrowed car dolly. They push it up on the dolly, and overshoot, pinning the writer between the Jeep door, and the dolly fender! It bruised the heck out of his shins, he thought at one point he may have broken his leg, but he seemed to be walking around OK this afternoon. So he calls a tow truck to lift the car off the dolly and set down correctly, and he drags it back to the dealership. One of the other techs immeadiately tells him he'll give him $450 for it, so it changed hands again already, so I ask for the rear hatch and tailights off it for my freebie 86 XJ waggy that was given to me last year. So now I have all the body panels I need to seal it back up, and I might get the title for it too, to make my 86 possibly road legal later on down the road. I think the motor will go to one of the guys in the body shop who needs a new motor for his XJ, and I'm sure whatever else he can sell will also go before the rest go to the scrap yard.


Sorry for the long story, It was just too screwed up to keep it to myself!

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