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AX4 sticking in neutral

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3 times on my way home yesterday (25 mile trip) my shift lever would refuse to into any gear after the transmission reached neutral. After pushing attempting to shift to whatever gear I wanted several times, it would finally shift and would be fine for several miles, then it would happen again.


I think the clutch is releasing, because there is no grinding, and I rode with my foot on the clutch down a 3/4 mile hill trying to shift out of neutral and into any other gear, and it finally went into 2nd (after I had slowed down quite a bit.)


Where should I start? I was kinda thinking syncros, but I am pretty tranny challenged.


BTW: Truck is a 87 MJ 2.5 litre 2wd 4speed.

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Good call. The clutch master cylinder was empty, I had so convinced myself this wasn't the issue that I didn't even check originally...lol! So the truck hasn't had any shifting problems since I filled it up. Now however it seems I have a really slow leak that runs down on to the harness for the fuse box. So now I have all kinds of stuff that intermittently doesn't work in the truck. Awesome! :headpop:

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