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In Take and Exhaust Manifold Removal

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Help. I am stuck and cussing. :hateputers: I have a 85' with a 4.0. I am trying to remove the manifold in order to do a head job on my leaking beast. I have the top bolts out, but I can't find the best way to get on the bottom bolts that hold the header and the manifold on the block. I have worked from the bottom side, but the exhaust or the manifold is always in way.


If anyone has any smooth tips, let me know. Thanks... :bowdown:

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I guess you've removed the air box for more room? You'll need a swivel, and a medium extension along with your 9/16 socket. You'll just have to manuver the wrenches in place around the egr tube and other things in the way, and under the intake, your're going to get greasy. Don't know what else to say, but I've done several, they get easier with time.

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