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Clutch bleeding

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When bleeding my clutch do I leave the top off of the reservoir or on.


I developed a tiny leak in the bleed line junction, which I fixed. Now I have to bleed it to get the pressure back up. I know the clutch is new(ish) 1988 Pioneer BA-10. Everything else runs fine and there is no leakage at the master.

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You'll need 2 people, one in the cab and one under the truck. Hook a hose onto the bleeder screw and run it down into a bottle that has brake fluid in it (making sure the end of the hose is submerged). Have a small wrench on the bleeder screw. Turn it about a half turn and have the person inside the vehicle put the clutch to the floor and hold it until you have the screw tightened back. You should have lots of air bubbles going through the hose. Check the reservoir as you don't want it to suck air into it. Keep it filled up. Repeat these steps until only fluid is running through the hose when the clutch is depressed. Then tighten the screw well and Fill the reservoir up and put the cap on. This will properly bleed your clutch. Know that you may not have pressure in your clutch for a good while during bleeding. Bleed until all air is gone and all pressure is regained.

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