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I have no luck. Or something...


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So, I went outside to put new studs in my front axle. To replace the ones that broke. And yes, the parts stores had to order them in for me.


Of course, I'm sick, and it's BFing cold out. Luckily we left a block under the axle so I didn't have to piss around with the floor jack anymore than necessary. But, then I realized that with a spool I can't just turn the hub/rotor to get access to the studs that are behind the caliper. Unless I lift the other tire up. Which, when you're parked on sloped ice didnt seem like a lot of fun.



So, I got three of six studs in, put the tire back on and let her back down. Fired up after a little cranking... White smoke. Just a little, but a bad sign. Pop the hood; power steering fluid all over the f'ing place.


I figured I had better just get it in the garage at that point. Easier said than done with a spooled front and no PS. Took me maybe 10 minutes to get it in. And that was with driving it in the wrong direction to save turns.



Pop the hood again and start looking for what blew in the PS. Then I notice a PCV line is undone from the intake... The bung is missing. It's not in the intake - it's gone through the engine. Luckily it was just rubber...


Figured I had better quit at this point. So I left it.





But, I got my new 37s and chromos. Maybe I should go mount 'em up seeing as how I probably won't destroy anything doing that.

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my engine was pumping the white smoke out of it for the longest time. the water pump was gone on it at 140k km's and so i figured the PO porlly blew the head gasket and hopefully nothing more (like i warped head or something)

now that ive got everything changed over, theres still some white smoke. i checked the oil, its fine no coolant in it, checked coolant levels, havent went down since ive bled them. now theres no more condensation that pours our of it when it runs. so maybe i got lucky? i dunno. don't mean to rub it in lol

theres an xj down her for sale for 500 bucks with dana 44's and a 5 inch lift kit on it with a rebuilt 4.0 with 10k on it. maybe u could pick it up and have it shipped out there? no idea what shipping owuld cost though lol

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Well, I've got another PS box to go in (tapped for hydro-assist) so I was going to have to pull the lines off anyways. With a little luck I just ruptured a line and the pump will still be operable. Keeping my fingers crossed on that. Whatever went it was major - I lost all of the fluid in about 3 seconds. It was the pump that was producing the white smoke - it was underhood. I figured 'oh $#!&, I already used up my fire exstiquisher' when I saw it.



Either way it's a PITA because now my entire engine bay has PS fluid in it.

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