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Tightned tilt column

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My steering column was so loose I thought it was going to fall apart so this weekend I bit the bullet and dove in. I got a loaner steering wheel removing kit from Oreilly's auto parts and went to work. It was a tedious job but actually not that difficult. The hardest part was figuring out where the 2 or 3 parts that fell out during disassembly, went when reassembling.

I didn't have the little GM tool to remove the pivot pins so I made a slide hammer out of a 8-32 machine screw welded to a piece of 3/8" steel dowel with a nut welded at the other end. I used a heavy socket for the slide hammer.

Not really any new tech but thought I link a couple of articles that were very helpful.




http://www.epiccomputer.com/dale/jeepju ... /tilt.html

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