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D30 inner axles seals

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It's one of those things thats not hard, but it takes a bit of time. You have to pull the carrier and drive them out. Usually I will use a bunch of extensions, and have used a broom handle in a pinch to get all the way down the tube to out it back in.



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Now that I have a chance to sit down at a keyboard, instead of a phone, here is my condensed version.


Pull wheels/tires

Pull brakes

Pull Wheel bearings

Pull axle shafts

Pull diff cover

Remove bearing caps

Pry out the carrier

Use whatever you can find to get down the tubes, and knock each seal into the middle

Clean surfaces

Put seals in by reversing the knockout procedure, except now you will be driving them in, So you will pound the passenger through the drivers side and in, and opposite for the drivers side.

Install carrier and tighten caps to roughly 55 ft lbs

Install diff cover

Install axle shafts

Install wheel bearings

Install brakes

Install wheels/tires

Fill differential.


That easy. :ack:


Its really a walk in the park. Just kinda involved. Don't let it intimidate you. The part that gets most people is torquing the caps, but you can always rent a torque wrench.


Rob :D

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Thanks guys, I believe I will try it also maybe even a write up (it would be the first). I had this done before and it was almost $300.00 at the shop I just can't see spending that kinda money when I can do it myself. I have a torque wrench so I am good to go.

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I know it may need new seals, but maybe when you had the axles out, the lube just ran down the tube and now it's finally dripping out. then again it's good to do it now instead of when the diff is full of dirt and water

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