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This may be in my future. . .


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I never thught that we would actually see this conversion avaliable.


AEV has not had the best track record to produce and sell the stuff that they advertise XJ rear Bumper is my example.


I'm very interested in puchase of this conversion kit, however from what I am reading, it does not sound very complete to me.


I am going to question fender flares, assorted hardware bags needed to easily install everything from tail lights, to wiring harness clips to secure the harness, the lack of supplying the rocker guards to finish the edge of the sheet metal in a clean fashon, proper roll cage components to finish the inside of the cab with a cage, matching fender flares for the front, a rear bumper that is designed perfectly for the bed body and rear of the frame, and the list of proper add ons for the kit that should be purchased seperatly. For example, what coil springs, control arms, shocks, skid plates, etc etc, fit the bill for 1, 2, or 3 recommended setups that would give mild and extreme setups.


Obviosuly 90% of these that are ever built by people are going to be built with 6 CYL engines, most likely on D30-D44 equipped 6 Cyl Wranglers with 3.73 factory gears. I'd like to have one that had 265x16" tires, and selectable lockers, with about 2.5" of lift over stock, OBA, Sprayed in liner, Preferable 4:10 or 4:56 gears (a used Rubi would be the best candidate) ARB front bumper with Winch, and a Tummy Tuck skid plate.


I don't have a problem paying top dollar for something. I have a problem with paying top dollar for great stuff that is only 75% of the project, and being left to fabricate, or purchase other products that need modified to fit properly and look and function right.


I bought an LOD rear bumper tire carrier for my LJ Rubi. Great product, but it does not fit right, and I was left to fix the problem my self, re-paint, and that was after I buggerd up the corner of my tailgate with damage from it hitting the hinge on the swing out. POOR FITMENT in my opinion that if I was made aware of up front I could have taken care of. I hate the live and learn concept. How about learning me first so that I can live with better results in the end.

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i like the looks of the summit kit more. i like the LED brake light on their tailgate and the windows on the rear corners of the cab hard top to eliminate blind spots better. i think i would rather by one that is already done from an old Rubi rather then do it myself. a brute or summit kit will be in my future if jeep does not make the awesome gladiator, or if cdx changes too much on the glad when it comes out i will get a kit.



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