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Alternator Mounting 1986 2.5L

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I am having some issues with my 86's v-belt system. My alternator is crooked and the mounting looks haggard. Can somebody show me a picture or a link where I can see how the alternator is supposed to be mounted? The brackets on mine do not look stock. No A/C. No power steering. Its got the GM style alternator.

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My 88 has the sepentine belt too . The 1990 YJ engine I just installed had the v-belts though . There should be 2 brackets like the one linked . One front bracket , one rear . I can't recall but I think another small triaglular plate . I have 2 kicking about but I do know one is from the power steering .

If you decide to switch to a serpentine belt system , make sure the rotation on the water pump is a reverse rotaion . The YJ belt system ran a standard rotation .


It should be the same parts on the YJ . I have that bracket in the pic right in front of me , from the YJ .


If your stuck for the parts , PM me . $10 for my trouble + about $20-30 for the :Canadaflag: > :USAflag: postage , crazy to get things accross the boarder :shake: . Let me know , these were being tossed . Maybe I should list them on ebay :rotfl2:

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