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88 MJ / 98 XJ harness question

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So I picked up a rolled 98 XJ for a donor to my 88 manche, I have the XJ completely stipped and my head is spinning with the amount of wires there are, the XJ had power everything, cruise, airbags, a/c, the works. I want my MJ to have power nothing, pretty much the updated interior and drivetrain, crank windows..no a/c, cruise, nothing, just a simple truck. So my question is, is there a thread buried on here somewhere, or does someone just know how to strip down this maze of wires to just what I need, I feel like I don't need half of these wires! Any info anyone can offer up would be awsome thanks! Long live the MJ!

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Just don't plug in those wires then.


And for the life of me I can't see why you wouldn't want cruise, even the factory XJs that didn't have it still have the plug in the engine bay, just waiting for someone to plug in a cruise control actuator.


Even if you took the time to try and strip those wires out of the bundle of everything else(and to what end I don't know) its not like your removing any weight or simplifying the harness really.

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Download and understand the wiring diagrams for your XJ model.



The interior harness should be very easy to thin out. I removed the plugs and wiring for the back doors by simply starting at the door plug and following the wire back to its source. If it terminated in a soldered joint I cut the wire, if it terminated at a plug I pulled apart the plug and removed the terminal. I would not alter the engine harness or the dash harness. To much to go wrong!

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