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I hate it when it rains indoors (XJ post)


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Yesterday at like two in the afternoon I am going about my normal routine. Right about then it involved giving my daughter a ride to work. We run through the thunderstorm to get to my XJ, jump in and... squish.


Wait a minute, why does it feel like I just sat on a wet sponge? :???:


Oh, thats just the seat.


Look at all the windows, nothing left down. That when the first of many drips bounced off my steering column and all over my lap.


Wonderful. My windshield seal looks to be leaking. :fs1:


So I give the wife a call and ask folks to clear the driveway so I can pull into the garage, stop at the store and grab some sealant, and head back to the house.


So much for my relaxing Sunday afternoon.


Once I get it home and get the trim pulled I get to cleaning. That when I get my brilliant idea.


You see, when I bought my XJ it already had a bit of rust on the roof, just back from the windshield. Nothing that looked too horrible mind you, just three or four patches the size of my palm that were rusted with no paiint, and a couple even smaller ones where the paint had bubbled up.


In my infinate wisdom I decided that since I would already have the trim off, and already be cleaning up the area for putting down the sealer, I would go ahead and wire wheel the majority of the rust off, prime it, and paint it with some rustoleum to keep it from getting any worse 'till I could get time to sand it back off and do it right.


Really, it's a good thing I did.


Remember those two bubbled up patches?


Well, there wasn't a damn thing there but blistered paint and powdered rust. Two holes in my roof, each about the size of a quarter. :mad:


Just what everyone wants to see on a rainy Sunday afternoon right?


So, looking at the clock and knowing I had all of about 13 hours before I had to be driving it to work I kinda cheated.


I blasted everything clean with electronics cleaner, since it evaporates crazy fast. Then I filled the holes.


With Great Stuff. :wrench:


Waited a while for that to dry, then cut it off flush with a knife.


Once that was done I hit it with a thin layer of bondo to seal in the great stuff, a couple coats of primer, and a couple coats of paint.


In the end it still needs work, but looks a damn sight better than the rust patches I set out to fix in the first place.


Not to mention, it won't be raining inside the Jeep next time it's raining outside. :thumbsup:

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