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Dodge Caravan Wheels .....


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The issue is the offset. The Caravan/Voyager/T&C all have FWD offset and MJ/XJs have a RWD offset. By putting FWD offset wheels on (if they'll even fit, for that matter) is that you are going to have brake clearance problems, tire rubbing, and it will look silly even if the first two issues were bypassed. It will make the track of the vehicle more narrow and that is never a good thing.


For example, I've put XJ wheels on an Aerostar and a Ranger with no problems, but they both have RWD offset wheels to start out with (and fortunately the same bolt pattern). I've even put my MJ's wheels on my Ford Escape with no problem (even though the tire came very close to the fender when turning the wheel). Even though the Escape has FWD offset it for the most part worked and it made for a wider track and an aggressive stance.



Assuming the bolt patterns are the same and wheel diameter is the same or greater:

RWD -> RWD = yes

RWD -> FWD = yes

FWD -> RWD = no


Someone else please feel free to chime in just in case what I have stated is incorrect or if there are exceptions to the rule.

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