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Thinking about rebuilding my AX15

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My AX15 is starting to rattle a bit at highway speeds. I think it's just the synchros. Everything still works fine, in fact I just got back from a 300 mile trip. There's no grinding and it goes into all gears including reverse just fine. My concern is that it may give up the ghost unexpectedly one day and leave me stranded.


Has anyone rebuilt or done a partial rebuild on one of these? I'm not worried about the difficulty, I'm sure I can do it, but are there any special tools needed or anything else I need to be concerned with before (if) I tackle the job. does anyone have a good link with pics of an AX15 rebuild?




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You need a gear puller and a press.


I doubt it's the synchros. Once you're in gear, the synchros do absolutely nothing.

:agree: if hear grinding which possible worn out synchros from not allow it moving netural/gear to gear during shift.


but rebuild is pretty good idea. after rebuild, this transmission can last to other 20 years with your mj! :brows:

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