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leaky jeeps

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so I'm alittle worried about my jeep now. this is my first renix, it has a "cooler air" intake on it. basically a cone filter on the stock tubes. now my friends say that its normal for a renix to leak from the intake. now I'm not sure about this. my first question is "is this normal?" and the second is "how do i fix it?"





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it is normal, but should be fixed. the first thing to do is pull the small tube that goes from the back of the valve cover to the intake and see if it's clogged with carbon. if it is, either clean it or replace it. i think it's about $10 through a jeep dealer. if that still doesn't work, try pulling the valve cover and clean out the baffles below where both the tubes in the valve cover go through.


for future reference though, questions like this should go in the MJ Tech section, not the pub.

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