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Advice needed

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Ok I have an 86 mj with the 2.8 v6, I also have a 98xj oh and a Jasper 4.0 Layin in my garage from a TJ I haven't looked much at the mj but I want to run my Jasper motor with my 98 tcase and tranny I do know my wiring will need to change but how about fitment of the 4.0 with the 2.8 motor mounts? I'm kinda goin in blind with this mj I've owned multiple xjs so all in all what should I do?? And will this work?


My plans for my mj are trail rig only with a fuel cell, cage, 37s and Dana 44s front and rear. Fabrication isn't an issue and neither is my lack of mechanical knowledge/skills.


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It's doable, but major.


Are you saying the motors you have are 4.0 HO? Are you wanting to use the HO engine controls?


Unless/until you have a complete HO XJ for parts, I wouldn't do it. there are so many parts needed and things to be done, that would


have to come from a complete donor, that without it it it would be hard to complete.


Some things needed, wiring harness, cooling, exhaust. Things to be done, clearance the firewall (BFH), radiator core support will


need to be rebuilt for the 4.0 radiator.


Suggestions, keep the Jasper, sell the other, get a complete HO donor for parts.


then go for it!


PS: sentence breaks like commas help to understand what you are asking, helps us help you better.

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