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2.5L Valve Cover replacement

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Will a Wrangler YJ 2.5 VC swap directly over to my 89 2.5 MJ? I'm looking at an aluminum one and would like to know because my plastic one is cracked on nearly every bolt hole. i have a new vc gasket for my MJ. If the YJ cover swaps over would i need to get a different gasket? or would the one i have work? What about bolts? PCV vs CCV?

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Yes, it will directly bolt on. I did mine not long ago, I got some heater hoses from autozone for the lower air cabin hose to the back of the valve cover and then some vacuum hoses for the front of it. I had to go to the dealer to get my parts for it. I also went and got some new bolts and washers for the cover too.


If I get a chance I'll snatch a pic for you.. It might be later tonight..

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Sorry it took awhile, but here is what I did.. I bought a 91 Cherokee, or wrangler (prob wrangler, doesn't matter all the same) valve cover off ebay for $25, guy didn't have the grommet so I went to autozone, got a filler cap, some hoses, and rtv.. Got everything situation, then noticed there was a hole that something screwed in, went to the dealer and asked them. They got me the part for about $10..


And here it is..



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