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Hey Rob - automan2164


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Looks like our MJs were made on the same day. I just noticed that our VINS are very close. The last six of yours is 159270 and mine is 159250. So mine was just 20 ahead of yours on the assembly line in October 1991.


Just thought that was interesting. :wavey:

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1992 Jeep Comanche "Sport"



4.0L H.O. / AX15 / NP231 / D30 / D35 / SWB


87,000 Miles as of 6-2010


Build: 10-91


Current Location: Northern IL


Status: Not on Road, drivetrain donor for MJ 1J7FJ26LXLL113166


Notes: Came with a factory plow. Original owner was an old man, but it was given to his grandson, who abused it and tipped it on its side. Black in color, Maroon bench interior, with idiot lights.


Current owner as of 6-2010: Rob L. AKA automan2164


Rob L.


Whoops :oops:


Had to update that a bit. I sold it to another member, MCF90, after raping and pillaging all the '92 MJ goodies...


But on the same note, I have found that the production numbers aren't always sequential... FWIW.


Rob L.

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