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help! 1995 cavalier 2.2 5 speed wiring!


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buddy of mine got ran off the road a few weeks ago (or longer) on super bowl sunday by a drunk driver, and plowed into a huge snow bank, packing his engine bay full of snow.


when I went to recover him, we hooked up to what seemed like a sway bar, but turned out to be a frozen engine computer harness.



we can not find a complete 5 speed engine wiring harness, or I'd just replace the whole thing.


he did find a stub of the harness that connects into the engine computer, though. I've got that mostly wired in, realized I didn't have enough to go off of since his pins literally pulled out of the ecu connectors.


I even attempted to convert a complete automatic harness to work...but there are just too many extra wires from the auto trans to make it work. I've got it running, but not driving.


so, back to the drawing board.



is there anyone with alldatapro out there who can save me connector views of the 3 ecu harness connectors? this is all I need to make the 5 speed harness work...the connector views for all 3 connectors, and the associated wiring-to-pin color chart.


I'd appreciate any help...I can do proper wiring no problem, but I'm not prepared to take the time to redesign what's already been designed. that is just too much.



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Again, Thanks David for taking the time to follow up on this....



I was wrong, though it's a '95 production date, it's a '96 model year...David is helping me out quite a bit by taking the time to look it up (again) in order to find the proper wiring diagram.



lesson learned...don't go by the production date!

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no work. it needs a new harness. I can't find the break in the wiring harness, but there is a wire pulled somewhere, a scanner won't even read the ECU, and i've double and tripple checked all of the wiring, I connected it all correctly.



I ended up just buying the car, the owner doesn't want to deal with it. I'll fix it and get good use out of it...this allows me to sell my crown victoria, which is one hell of a positive...i hate that car.

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