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Windshield removal tools & tips

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What tools do I need to remove a windshield from an MJ or XJ? I am going to pull a good used windshield from an junkyard MJ or XJ for my MJ & I would like to know what all tools I need to do it with. Also, does anyone have any tips or advice for removing a windshield?

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if you do it yourself id practice on a few in the wrecking yard before you try the one you want.


check with a few local glass companys (speedy glass etc), i just saw an add sayin removal and installation of new winshied for xj for $190 and they come to your door step and i believe new seal. i was getting ready to do mine, long handle windshield knife for the lower half was $25, the pull handle knife was around $30, black sealant was around $20, rust dissolver $10, i was just re-sealing mine but still had to get a new seal. i decided to let the pros do it and save me the headache for cheaper than i could do it myself.

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