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4x4 coils on 2wd

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comparably equipped 4wd MJs are about an inch taller than 2wd ones. but that's given identical engines and similar conditions of the old coils.


pucks would give a more reliable amount of lift (since it'll be 1" or 1.5" taller than what you have right now).

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sounds like what I'm doing/did on mine. My Old jeeps an 89 4x4 xj I was running 235/75/15s on. I got a pair of MOOG Heavy Duty Coil springs at Oreilly's and put them on. They were noticeably taller than stock springs, I think about 1-1.5". I'm stripping all the front end parts out of the 89 now for my 2wd MJ.

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The jeep in question has 216k. It does seem to sit pretty low already... Ill just have to order them up and see if they fit. Spending 1200 on wheels and tires, I would make them fit :yes:


But like ya said Pete, some coil spacers would work.. Maybe ill expirement a little bit.. Let the snow melt!!

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