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i bought a 1989 jeep comanche pioneer. it has 70,000 original miles ax15 trans 5 speed 4x4 i believe np231 transfer case and very little rust. i couldn't really turn it down for 900 hundred bucks.

the problem is it had a plow on it, and someone cut the wires for the plow. so now the headlights and rear lights don't work but the 4 ways do. anyone have any idea how to fix this? cause i don't even know where to start.

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Start by finding where the PO cut the wires. Did he actually cut the wires or did he pull the plug? Start at the headlight socket and run the wires back. Where do they go? Are they cut or disconnected. After finding the end of the wires from the main harness see if there is voltage when operating the light switch. It's a formidal task but not impossible. Just use basic trouble shooting, circuit skills and a test light. There should be a 10 pin rectangular connector behind the left hand headlight. Find it first. Haynes has a reasonably good wiring diagram for the '89.

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