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Another Round of Front Locker

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Recently installed a Powertrax no-slip locker in the Chr 8.25, which

is designed to disengage in turns and lock up solid when straight.

Eventual goal is the equivalent of AWD using the NP242 combined

with another no-slip locker in the D30 up front. The good folks

at Richmond Gear advise against this (they say they're concerned

about liability) stating that, if the locker does not disengage in a

turn as it is supposed to, the understeer could be "dangerous".

My D30 is the newer non-disco so the sides cannot be decoupled.

I want full traction at all corners when the conditions turn rotten

whether on road or off. Given this information, who thinks this is:


A) a really dangerous idea

B) somewhat risky but manageable

C) not really a big concern (if driver pays attention)

D) just a waste of money (~$400 + u-joint upgrade)

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It is a horrible idea. I had one in the front of my ZJ and it is impossible to turn if you are even slightly on the throttle. If you are not on the throttle it still has to unlock, which can be delayed in the cold. If you want a front traction device you could look at a powerlock, which is a 4 spider gear version of a traclock and a really good device. Why do you need a front locker anyway?

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Have you looked at the Detroit Truetrac. This is a gear driven limited slip unit, no clutches to wear out. This is what I have in the front of my XJ. I was looking at putting a Lock Right in my Dana30, but the guy at the axle shop says he has alot of the customers that use it in a daily driver come back and have it removed, due to steering problems with it not always unlocking. So far I am happy with the TrueTrac, It performs good off road and does not affect my steering on or off the road.

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i have an arb in the front of my zj. i like being able to select open/locked. ive looked a little into the auburn ected. disengaged its a limited slip, engaged its a locker. the arb,ox,and ected are quite a bit of money but for a dd personally i would like to be able to turn when i want without issue, then lock it up and go play

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Guys, I'm not married to any particular brand, but I am keen on delivering

traction to all four wheels on or off road, by selecting 4wd full time with the

242 T-case. Doesn't have to be a "locker", but does need to be reliable,

permit steering, not require re-doing the internal rigging, and affordable.

I rule out the ARB due to cost. I'm not finding sources for the Dana Power-Loc

units, only clutches. The Detroit Trutrac looks worth investigating - thanks!

I like the "no clutches" factor.

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