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Identification trouble

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My dad found this do-hicky in the front bumper pan (my front bumper is built as the frame and pan that holds a 9,000 pound Mile Marker wench :D ) of my newly bought MJ. We didn't find any places it seems to hook to in either the engine or the wench, and have no idea what it is, so we thought we'd see if any of you guys had a clue what it is. It has the two electrical hook-ups that lead to a spring-loaded switch(?).





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I would take a wild guess and say winch control. The parallel connector hooks to the relay center and the square one is tied in to the MJ wiring. Don't think the metal thing is original. Looks like something added when the original switch got busted or lost.

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That is the TPS (throttle positioning sensor) for an mj with an auto transmission. It's supposed to be on the throttle body.



Aha! You have solved my problem and won the prize (you'll have to buy something for yourself :D ).


My MJ used to have an automatic transmission in it years ago (the people who owned it before me changed it), so this must be a leftover from then.


Thanks guys! :clapping:

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