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Drain and Fill Plugs?

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I've looked and there's grease everywhere so I can't find it?


Yeah, beat me to it.

Step One: Clean the transfer case, tranny, engine.

Step Two: The T/C drain and fill plugs are on the backside of the the T/C. Mine are brass(?) 30mm, bottom is drain, top is fill. Remove fill first, then remove drain, drain, replace drain, fill with Dex III or suitable ATF. Replace fill plug.


On the tranny the drain plug is at the rear of the tranny, just above the cross member. It's a 5/16" (or metric eqivalent) square plug drive. If you can't find the tool, you need to make one with a sacrificial 3/8" drive extension...grind it down on all four side to fit. The fill plug is about mid way on the passenger side...easier to see when it's clean.

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