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Help on price? 1989 4x4

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lost title and hes needs it gone asap. id take $400 to the door step and ask for a notarized bill of sale. when people need things moved fast cash in hand works wonders. looks good from far, doesnt specify motor, had bad starter and eletrical problem. 900 WITH a clean title with said problems is over priced to me, but i search for desperate people that need cash and offer bout half lol

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I agree that the most I'd give would be about 500, and the pic he posted isn't even his truck it's one he found via google search, the brake and turn signals sounds like it could be the grounding issue behind the tail light, throw a starter in it and drive it on the trailer. Getting a notorized bill of sale would be a big help but if you're planning on just using this one to fix your's then it won't matter as you'll be keeping your original vin number.

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