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Under-hood light?

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My under-hood light has the big, roundish box that I've learned is a retractable line extension for the bulb. The light won't work even though there is current going into the box and I inserted a new bulb. What is inside that box that would prevent the bulb from lighting? Is it a bad gravity switch? I'm hoping to not having to open it up and fight for my life with the internals, like Akula69 described in DIY.

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Inside the housing is the clock spring (which is the fun part) that fits inside the center of a plastic spool. This spool holds the electrical cord which is extended/retracted when you pull on it. On the bottom of the spool are a series of brass contacts which transfer the current to the wire, and unfortunately they get corroded and lose continuity. (another Jeep device that uses these type of contacts is the neutral safety switch). There is also the possibility that the mercury switch is bad/broken.


To check or clean either of them you'll have to fight the spring. To avoid my saga, after drilling the rivets out open the damn thing inside a towel (that can catch the spring).


PS: if you aren't in a hurry you can send it to me and I'll repair it for the cost of postage and any replacement parts.

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