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Tie rod wobble

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How's it fellas. My tie rod has alot of play in it I assume it should not. Tried ordering new ends through the local store but got the wrong ones. You guys know the part numbers for the tie rod ends? Stock front Dana with 5in lift. Is the number on the face of the stud the part number? Also notice it's starting to run crappy when it heats up. Revs fine when parked but struggles and ticks under load. Sounds like exhaust leak but only happens when it heats up. I would think it would be worse when cold if was exhaust. Appreciate all replies.

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Checked out the site still not sure. The ends that are bad connect to what moog calls the "sleeve" part number moog-ds1045s. What's the part numbers for the ends that connect to that? Will the ends still fit if I have a stock "sleeve". How can I tell if the componets are stock or not? Truck is pretty built but not sure what the previous owner did on the steering. Kinda strapped for cash and want to eliminate this problem before it breaks on me while I'm driving. Should I stop driving it? If try to twist it it will move about a quarter inch either way on both ends. Thanks agian.

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i run JCR 1 TON steering.

JCR w/ Moog tie rods on top.

stock on bottom .

Maybe this can help you figure out what you have on your truck?

the link i posted was for stock steering.

part # moog-DS1045S has a left & a right tie rod ends.

the Moog tie rod ends are part # moog-ES2222L left side.

part # moog-ES2223R right side connects tie rod to drag link.

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:yeah that: 33s & 5'' of lift is to much for stock steering & stock track bar!

you got some work to do! :wrench:


5" lift is too much for a stock track bar, but my stock steering was fine with 33" tires on 6.5" lift with the stock tires until I bent my tie rod on a rock. I then upgraded to a V8 ZJ set up and promptly bent it on a rock.

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