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D30 (disconnect) axle swap to non-disconnect axle, vac lines

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88 Jeep Comanche


I'm going to be swapping out my comand trac axle(disconnect) to a Selec-trac axle In the next day or so. I have done this before on my other 88 comanche; to make the four-wheel work properly i just plugged up the vacuum lines that ran to the shift housing(well, plugged them up by the t-case) and it worked fine other than the four-wheel light on the dash was permantly on. I was wonder if you any of you guys(girls) have done this before and done something other than plug the lines. Just would like some other opinions... Thanks in Advance comanche.gif

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Command trac and selec trac have to do with the transfer case, not the axle. Command is part time 4wd and Select trac is full-time 4wd

But vehicles with SelecTrac had non-disconnect front axles.


I would suggest removing the vacuum harness from the axle to the firewall but plugging/capping the lines at the firewall. I believe that's where the switch that actuates the 4WD light is located.

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I'm all done the swap; the old vac lines(from axle to frame) run up to three hardlines on the framerail. I was just going to cap them there. So mud n junk didnt get in. Then maybe like u were saying cap them at the firewall too so my 4wd indicator light doesnt stay on all the time. Ill have to take a look and see what goes where up at the fire wall.

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