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Six Shooter.


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Yeahhh thats what I have decided to name my little Comanche


We were going to fix the bullet holes, but I have changed my mind.


The new plans for the Six Shooter include:

-Purple Paint (like a plum crazy color) with a black hood and a white stripe horozontialy across the end of the bed

- black interior

- (looking for) the AX-15 tranny :wall:

- Things under the hood that confuse me :dunce: :wrench:

- Lift & 32in tires

- Still needs floors haha



Since the weather should break soon, I'm like dying to get back out there and

kick into high gear. Been hangin around lately checkin out ideas that everyone has

and mixing and matching to get the look I want. We have a few ideas of our own, but

I'm unsure how to go about it, when I figure it out Ill be sure to post in the DIY section.

What can I say, theres alot of good things floatin around on here.


Thanks for reading


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