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?'s about speedometer and tach on gauge swap


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Okay, here's the story. I got an 89 Mj automatic,column shift,4x4. It had the idiot lights. Like everyone else I wanted the needles and tach. Did the switch (Got and installed all sending units). The gas gauge, battery gauge, oil gauge, and temp gauge work. The speedometer worked for a while then stopped. The tach does not work.

What could the problem be? *Speedometer is connected.*

What is a solution? Any and all help is appreciated.

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Clean the contacts and check the ground, should be integrated into the pack of wires, but I ended up re-grounding it because the original stuff didnt have enough wire to juice up the gauges. Sounds weird, but it worked ....... try it.[/quot


Cleaned the connectors, but it did not work thanks alot though.


Any other suggestions????

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